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About Red Dragon Gaming

Nic and Sean are two gamers from Somerset who share a passion for wargaming, roleplaying and LARP.  They began Red Dragon gaming to showcase some of the resin cast terrain that they used for their own games, with several successful Kickstarter campaigns to provide innovative new sets.  Red Dragon now focusses exclusively on the Adventure Realm game tiles, ideal for quickly putting together modular maps for roleplaying stories.


Sean Pringle Kosikowsky

Sean was born In Glastonbury, Somerset. At an early age he got into wargaming and spent his childhood painting and designing terrain to play on. He studied Art and Design at Strode College, Street, Somerset, and Graphic Design at the Somerset College of Arts and Technology. Sean is now a father to 4 wonderful children, Sean is the designer and painter for Red Dragon Gaming.


Nic Photo

Nic Tall

Nic's ventures into roleplaying and wargaming began in the 80's when his brother needed someone to play the Germans in a WW2 setup on an old table tennis table.  It wasn't long until Warhammer entered his world, and a fruitfully wasted childhood, adolesence and adulthood beckoned.  He runs roleplaying games with his teenage children, exploring fantasy, sci fi and historical settings, and also runs a LARP system for adventures in the woods instead of round the table. Nic is the business manager for Red Dragon Gaming.