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About Red Dragon Gaming

Nic and Sean are two gamers from Somerset who share a passion for wargaming, roleplaying and LARP.  Over the years we have had many successful collaborations in these areas, but it was after running a 70th anniversary wargame of D-Day in the Museum of Somerset, complete with 4' by 12' custom built gaming table, that we realised our idle creativity needed a wider audience.  And so Red Dragon Gaming was spawned, offering high quality wargaming terrain for the discerning gamer.  As seasoned wargamers ourselves we know that you want something that looks great on the table, is durable, and also adds tactical options to the game.  Production is on a small scale, concentrating on high quality terrain and great customer service, making sure we can offer the best to wargamers who love the hobby as much as we do.  Because we hand make the terrain ourselves you can be sure it will be delivered to our highest possible standards.  We also produce game tiles for roleplayers under the Adventure Realm brand, and will be steadily expanding our range of playable gaming map tiles.


Sean Pringle Kosikowsky

Sean was born In Glastonbury, Somerset. At an early age he got into wargaming and spent his childhood painting and designing terrain to play on. He studied Art and Design at Strode College, Street, Somerset, and Graphic Design at the Somerset College of Arts and Technology. Sean is now a father to 4 wonderful children who are all taking their first steps into the world of wargames. Sean is the designer and painter for Red Dragon Gaming.


Nic Photo

Nic Tall

Nic's ventures into roleplaying and wargaming began in the 80's when his brother needed someone to play the Germans in a WW2 setup on an old table tennis table.  It wasn't long until Warhammer entered his world, and a fruitfully wasted childhood, adolesence and adulthood beckoned.  The proud owner of several fantasy armies, a 40K Tau army, and Flames of War British Infantry and German Tank armies.  There's also a bit of historical stuff lurking in the garage.  He also runs a regular roleplaying group, exploring fantasy, sci fi and historical settings, and has been involved in LARP since the 80s.  Nic is the business manager for Red Dragon Gaming.