We specialise in resin cast terrain pieces for tabletop wargames, and aim to give great models that both look awesome and also give tactical depth to your game.  Have a scout squad hiding in rocks, or infantry lining up behind the cover of a well dug trenchline, or chariots coming unstuck as they thunder across difficult ground - good terrain makes a game.

Our terrain is all based on our handmade and sctratch built originals, which we mould and then cast in durable, hard wearing resin.  The resin is a super tough formula, so it won't smash if you drop it, and it also holds great detail making painting the models straightforward.  The pieces come in a clean white resin (shown in the outlined picture of the curved trench piece below), which helps when painting.  We have found that undercoating and drybrushing gives real depth and brings out the texture of the models.


Once you receive your terrain you are free to undercoat, paint and texture it to fit in to whatever theme you can think of.  We would advise washing the models in warm soapy water and allowing them to dry thoroughly before painting, to remove any release agent used in the manufacturing process.  Below are some examples of the ones we have used in the past. We have found using a static grass applicator gives great results.